Smart Residential Supply


The Smart Residential Supply (SRS)


•Power IQ and Toshiba have partnered to develop high quality power electronics products.
•Products developed will be sold through the Toshiba organisation with all the associated warranties, backing and support
•The Smart Residential Supply (SRS) is a highly flexible battery storage product combining the premium Toshiba SCiBLithium Titanate batteries with the reliable & intelligent Power IQ power & control hardware.

The SRS is more than a battery storage system.

It forms an interface between the grid supply and the consumer, providing:
– A 230/240V regulated customer supply (programmable)
– Back-up power during power outages & off grid system during high fire risk periods
– A wide range of PV/Load energy shifting functions
– A number of demand limiting and load control functions
– An optional 3 phase power supply output
– A grid friendly low harmonic power system interface
– A range of remote communication & control options.
– A modular solution with potential to migrate to a stand-alone system

srs3Premium battery quality
–Toshiba SCiBLithium Titanate batteries
–15+ year design life/>10 000 cycles
–100% DOD
–Excellent temperature range / performance
–Excellent safety by design
•Comprehensive Battery Management System
–Individual cell voltage & temperature monitoring
•Next generation power electronics
–Ultra low loss (<1.5%)
–Very compact
–High fidelity low harmonic output
–Low maintenance & high reliability
•Modular (Lego concept)
–Inverter and battery DC/DC converter are base product.
–Add-on modules:
•PV DC/DC MPPT converter
•Generator interface
•3 phase output
•Connection with smart meter?
•Communication with fleet controller?
–Expandable storage


Power Converter System (PCS) design (Inverter + battery DC/DC converter


SRS Mechanical Prototype






Power IQ SRS is ½ the size of a leading 5kVA PV inverter.
¼ of the size on an equal power basis.
And it is naturally cooled => no fans or moving parts.








•Customer voltage regulation
•Off-grid operation & back-up power:
–Automatic connection/reconnection (AS4777 compliant)
–Automatic generator start-up & shutdown
–Output relays for control of non-essential circuits (eg. A/C, H/W)
–Integrated DRED load control
•Customer Energy Control Functions:
–Programmable Capacity limit: Limit maximum demand
–Programmable Export limit: Limit feed-in to grid
–TOU: Minimise consumption during peak periods
–Time scheduled operation
–Customer load control & DRED integration
–Ethernet interface, can connect 3G modem or wi-fiinterface
–DNP3 supported for SCADA communication
•Utility/remote control functions:
–Scheduled charge/discharge
–Remote controlled charge/discharge
–Aggregation (with 3rdparty system)
•PV/load smoothing
•Network peak load reduction & voltage support

Product Flexibility

Power IQ has designed a highly flexible power electronic converter /battery storage system
•An on-board Linux computer means that customized apps can be easily added.
•Premium ultra long life Toshiba SCiBbatteries have been used with the capability to expand the amount of storage.
•System (hardware) can be customised for different markets/applications.
•Software highly modular and flexible.

The SRS -A new world standard?
•The SRS will be the world leader in inverter design.
•¼ of the size of todays leading products.
•High reliability (no fans, electrolytic capacitors designed for 15 year life)
•Potentially very cost competitive.
•Highly flexible functionality and software potential.
•This core product has worldwide market potential in a wide variety of applications.


Click here to download the full SRS Brochure in PDF Format