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Power IQ Pty Ltd, based in Brisbane, Australia and 100% privately held, aims to merge smart design with simplicity.

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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler” Albert Einstein


The Power IQ Volt Pro is a Low Voltage STATic COMpensator (STATCOM) that helps utilities manage the voltage on LV Networks.

When the voltage is high (typically when PV output is high and loads are low) the Volt Pro sinks inductive reactive power to reduce the voltage.

When the voltage is low (typically during peak load periods) the Volt Pro sources capacitive reactive power to boost the voltage.

Thus the LV network voltage profile is flattened and the voltage swing reduced.

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The Smart Residential Supply (SRS) is a highly intelligent and flexible battery storage product combining premium Toshiba SCiB Lithium Titanate batteries with the world leading Power IQ Power Conversion System.

The SRS is more than a battery storage system.

It forms an interface between the grid supply and the consumer, providing a regulated customer supply, back-up during power outages, intelligent integration with solar PV inverters, a wide range of PV/Load energy shifting functions and much more.

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Dr Mike Wishart CPEng RPEQ

Dr Mike Wishart


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